TOP 10 Best Agile Project Management Tools

Are you employed by a quick-paced company where everyone alternates between primary and secondary responsibilities? You might be debating if you should start using an agile project management approach to maintain the balance or if everything is in order. If you’re a project manager, you’ll probably be able to identify with your team if they require tools to assist their workflow. Using agile project management technologies, teams can finish tasks quickly without sacrificing the project’s quality. Let’s first define the Agile technique before providing a list of Agile project management tools.

Agile Methodology

If you take the word “agile” at its literal definition, it implies “able to move fast and readily.” When we discuss Agile in terms of project management or software development, the same notion applies. Agile is a project management approach that is mostly employed in the software development industry. It is characterised by the split of a large task into numerous smaller tasks and the pairing of these with brief and incremental work sessions known as sprints. Rapid and early delivery, regular review and adaptive planning, continual improvement, and a flexible response to change are the major goals of this method.

Assuming you now understand the fundamentals of Agile, let’s proceed to Agile project management tools.

Atlassian Jira

A well-known project management application, Jira by Atlassian, is adored by businesses all over the world. Jira is focused on offering agile tools for teams working with blended methods and frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

Jira has built-in capabilities like version control and story points for Scrum sprint planning to assist teams in staying on task. Jira additionally streamlines daily Scrum meetings by enabling quick access to progress data via personalised dashboards. These reports cover a wide range of topics, including sprint reports and burndown charts.

Kanban capabilities for teams include, among other things, a built-in Kanban board, swimlanes, and work in progress restrictions.

Pricing: Free to $14 per user/per month

Active Collab

Developed as a fantastic commercial solution, with Active Collab You won’t have to ignore your clients any longer thanks to Active Collab. You can control what information each person can access and view, keep them updated, and communicate what’s crucial. It provides project planning, enables file sharing, time and expense tracking, brainstorming, essential issue discussion, and more.

Pricing: $6.25 per user/month

Azure Boards

Microsoft, a leader in the business, offers Azure Boards to the project management market for consumers who already utilise Azure DevOps Services. For teams working on complicated software projects, Azure Boards is the best option.

Scrum and Kanban are just two of the agile frameworks supported by Azure Boards. Users can find features like real-time reporting and customisable dashboards inside. Users using Azure Boards can keep track of issues, defects, story points, and other aspects of agile. Simple drag-and-drop functionality is available in Azure Boards for quick project updates.

Pricing: Free to $14 per user/per month


One of the most well-known and popular project management tools available is Trello. Since numerous programmes you may already use have integrations with Trello, it follows that many individuals are at least somewhat familiar with its user interface. For instance, Trello may be linked to Gmail and the Pomodoro time management system via Chrome plug-ins.

The organisational model of Trello is based on agile project management’s Kanban paradigm. Trello can, however, also be utilised using the Scrum framework.

Trello uses a board comprised of drag-and-drop cards arranged into lists to visually represent each project. You can add comments, attach files or notes, set due dates, apply checklists, and integrate other apps with Trello cards.

Pricing: Free to $17.5 per user/per month


Regardless of the project management approach used, ClickUp is a powerful platform for managing projects that provides a wide range of solutions for all teams. ClickUp provides a variety of solutions for agile teams, including sprint workflow automation, which enables teams to automate sprint assignments based on workload.

Simplified bug and problem tracking is another feature that enables teams to record bugs, convert them into tasks, and assign team members to each job. Also included with ClickUp are a variety of customised reports and dashboards. Teams can add sprint, cycle time, burndown, and other widgets to their dashboards.

Even the leanest teams can access this project management application for free thanks to the Free Forever Plan.

Pricing: Free to $9/user per month


Asana is a project management platform with numerous integrations to assist you in effectively managing your team.

Compared to the majority of other project management software options, this programme is easy to use. With their drag-and-drop functionality, you may rapidly transfer your assignment and allocate labour.

Agile teams use Asana because it uses sections and projects to keep work organised visually and makes it clear to the team who is responsible for what in project planning.

Asana has had difficulty keeping up with their quick development, meanwhile, as their popularity has grown. Downtime is frequent, disrupting operations and aggravating Agile users.

Pricing: Free to $24.99/user per month

GitHub Project Management

The biggest hosted Git server is GitHub, that means your developers can use that location to store all of your code for a variety of projects. Because it captures changes made by the entire team in real-time, GitHub is fantastic.

This Agile project management software also interfaces with many other tools, making it a useful Agile solution for development teams since it allows several team members — from your engineers to the product owner — to work in the same code at the same time.

With GitHub, you may have a private area for each team member and a public area where the public can visit and offer feedback on your work. Agile project management tools are also abundant on GitHub, which can assist project managers in keeping track of what the team members are working on.

Pricing: Free to $21 per user/per month

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