How to Join ThinkStraight

ThinkStraight is a Global Software Solution company offering complete Software Solutions, Services and Products for Mobile and Web platforms. We are at ThinkStraight, Discover, Design and Deliver from simple to complex mobile & web solutions for diverse business verticals from across the world. We also have been offering mobile entertainment services to global carries since 2015.

We prefer individuals who are focused to their goals and who can join ThinkStraight to build innovative solutions and bring in a real change.

We spend a lot of efforts in the recruitment process as it is base of everyone’s growth.

How to Apply

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher looking for great learning opportunities or an experienced professional looking for a change, if you are a self-starter, analytical and proactive we will be happy to have you in our team.

So, if you love working on new technologies, have exceptional skills and are eager to work in our culture, here we have listed down the steps on how to join ThinkStraight.

1. Send us your Application

It is great that you love to work at Think-Straight, we have a lot of positions open for you.

To ease out the process for you just send your CV at So that we will get to know about you and your skills and interests. We assure you will hear back from us shortly.

Tip: Pay extra attention to your CV. We don’t really interview people with a bad application. We like to associate ourselves with people who have an eye for detail.

2. Hear from Us

We receive many applications daily. Be patient, our HR Team is carefully review each and every application. If you meet our requirements, we will schedule a call at the earliest.

Our HR will ask you a couple of questions over the call and if everything works out, we will schedule an interview at our corporate office.

3. First round of Interview

The first round of interview will be conducted by someone from the team you’re applying to. Initially, we see if you are a right fit for the team. In this meeting, we discuss your past accomplishments and find out what you expect to learn in the position.

We are really looking for is people who are passionate about their work. The ones who really stand out in the interview are people who go above and beyond to make the most of the opportunities they get.

4. Technical Screening

After going through initial round, we ask the candidates to complete a technical challenge in a given amount of time.

Tip: In the technical screening round, our aim is to keep you on your toes. We want to see how you act when faced with a challenge. We suggest, have an open mind and do your best.

5. Final Interview

On final round, we will let you know if you are eligible for the final interview.

If you have made it to the last round — Congratulations, you’re just a step away from joining ThinkStraight.

In final round we primarily ask questions ranging from your work attitude to career goals. Basically, we go deeper into your skills and assess how you will fit in the team.

If you have aced the interview and everything goes well, you’ll find a job offer very soon.

6. Job offer

Our HR Team will confirm if you have landed up the job and you’ll find an offer letter in your mail shortly.

7. Onboarding

Once you accept the offer letter, the team will help you with the onboarding process.

Congratulations, we are happy to have you onboard!

If you have applied to ThinkStraight in last 3 months, we suggest you wait for at least 6 months before applying again. .

Now that you know everything there is regarding how to join ThinkStraight.

What are you waiting for? apply right away. We’ll be happy to see you.

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