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In telecoms, more than 40% of calls are dropped, because the low balance of caller, subscriber is unavailable, unreachable, busy or the phone is switched off. This leads to huge revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction for the network.

Beep Call is a powerful Call Completion Solution, which allows subscribers with zero balance to notify called subscribers about their call attempts. As a result, Called Party (Subscriber B) will see a missed call from the Calling Party (Subscriber A) on his phone.

In other words, It is an alternative way of informing subscribers about call attempts of out of balance subscribers by sending real missed calls to the called party. Revenue is generated by callbacks.


  • Beep call is a short call with 0.3 – 0.5 seconds duration from MSISDN A to Subscriber B.
  • It looks like a standard missed call on Subscriber B mobile phone.
  • Once received a beep call, Subscriber B thinks he has missed a call from Subscriber A.
  • Around 25% of Subscribers B make a callback to Subscriber A during 30minutes after receiving a beep call.


Our Beep Call solution offers a comprehensive set of features, such as:Our Beep Call solution offers a comprehensive set of features, such as:

  • The sender’s identification can be configured as A-Party MSISDN or service code.
  • Allow the operators to insert an advertisement in the Free space in Beep Call SMS.
  • Allow the operator to define threshold controls to avoid misuse of the service.Service Usage Flow
  • Subscriber A calls to Subscriber B
  • Subscriber A does not have sufficient balance to complete the call.
  • Beep Call platform registers non-balance calls from Subscriber A to Subscriber B.
  • Beep Call platform sends a beep (extra-short call) to Subscriber B on behalf of Subscriber A
  • Subscriber B sees a missed call on his mobile phone from Subscriber A
  • Subscriber B calls back Subscriber A (profit)
  • The beep calls can be generated for on-net, off-net and international calls.

Sending a beep call does not consume any voice channel, is pure signaling exchange, so it does not bring any additional expenses to the mobile operator while sending beep calls towards off-net direction.

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