Why Should You Consider Migrating to AWS? Benefits of AWS

Perhaps you’ve heard that AWS is simply “superior.” However, many inventions, even those with the support of major tech companies, have proven to be fads. AWS isn’t one of those technologies; its advantages are well-known and well-established. It’s also critical to comprehend the advantages of AWS so you can make an informed judgment about whether it’s the right fit for your company.

What is Amazon Web Services, or AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of cloud services to both people and businesses. Cloud computing platforms, in simple terms, deliver storage, databases, servers, networking, analytics, and applications over the Internet.

The Benefits of Moving to AWS

Why should you switch your IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? AWS provides computer resources as a service, freeing businesses from spending money on things that don’t immediately benefit their bottom line. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies rather than spending time, people, and money to IT projects. Users can access their data via a cloud infrastructure at any time and from any location on the internet, bypassing the constraints of a physical data center. They may also scale up or down their IT requirements based on demand, whether it’s for computing, data storage, or database services, keeping their IT investment and operations lean and agile.


Data security will be at the top of the list of reasons why switching to AWS is a good idea in 2020. Hacking and interventions are unavoidable if a program runs on a standard server and is not regularly monitored. Amazon has multiple security teams that are constantly improving their security skills. AWS’ internal technology and resources enable organizations to achieve state-of-the-art security, which is important. Businesses are key targets for malicious actors, and online threats are continually expanding.

Anything a company can do to improve its security will benefit its bottom line in the long run, as it decreases the risks of costly system outages or being held accountable for the theft of employee or client data.

Reduced costs

AWS is a profitable choice for small enterprises with seasonal highs and lows. Having in-house hosting services costs the same regardless of the number of resources required. Because you no longer use the resources you once did, you can save cash with AWS during off-peak seasons.

Because of its scalability, AWS is not only cost-effective. It has a low entry barrier as well. This means that a firm can take use of some of the cloud’s benefits without investing thousands of dollars in beginning equipment.

Improved Elasticity and Scalability

Another advantage of AWS is the opportunity to use programming models, databases, operating systems, and architectures that you are already familiar with. Almost every AWS product and service is compatible with existing coding languages, saving time and money on recruiting extra experts.

First, it relieves your own IT department of the stress of dealing with surges in demand or overpaying for services they don’t require. Second, by ensuring that the system always has the resources it requires, it enhances networking reliability and lowers disturbance. Finally, it saves money because the organization never has to overspend on resources that are only needed sometimes.

Superior Performance

AWS can give extraordinary levels of performance due to its capacity to acquire and deploy practically infinite resources. AWS is not only able to provide a virtually limitless resource pool, but its innovative technology is also faster and more reliable than much of the competitors. Amazon has been adjusted and re-optimized to give best-in-class data transmission speeds and processing times, which implies that an organization’s technology can become significantly more efficient.

How ThinkStraight Can Help

Cloud migration with AWS requires significant planning and expertise, and shifting in a right way saves the cost and meets the business objectives. Hence, it is important to take help of AWS migration experts or partners that offer AWS migration services and avail the benefits of their experience. ThinkStraight has extensive experience helping companies migrate to the AWS cloud. Working with you on a continuous basis, ThinkStraight can help determine the services on AWS that your companies would benefit from, and architect them in a way that best suits your website.

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