Why is React Native an ace of spade for startups?

When the word “Startup” is spoken, all we can think of is a bright mind that came up with some motivated idea, a passionate team with a thirst for success, and employees working tirelessly to turn their start-up into a hyper-growth corporation.
One thing is for certain: startups move quickly. Every hiccup, lost chance, and error has the potential to be costly.
According to statistics, almost 20% of new businesses fail miserably in their first year.
And only 25% reach the 15-year milestone. There is a method, nevertheless, to guarantee your place in the 25 percent group.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open source, cross-platform framework that was introduced by Facebook in 2015. React Native, also referred to as an app engine, uses React to create mobile applications. His ability to shorten the development cycle for different operating systems like Android and iOS makes him stand out.

Some Amazing Facts about React Native

Developers can write code once and use it and execute it anywhere with React Native. You can transfer 90% of the code between different platforms.

React Native apps are readily switchable for web developers because they are written in JavaScript.

can release new software updates without waiting for an App Store review.

Famous organisations that favor Apps using React Native for mobile

It wouldn’t be false to think that React Native has many advantages, and businesses of all sizes use it. The following is a list of well-known companies and startups that prefer React Native for mobile apps.

Facebook Analytics

Why do developers choose React Native for startups?

Names like Myntra, Adidas, Tesla, Walmart, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, Whym, Shine, Glitch, Airbnb, etc. can be found on the list of the most popular applications. What foundation are they built on, do you know? You guessed correctly, yes! concerns React Native. And we recognise why. React Native provides precise tools, thorough documentation, and thankfully lots of experts to help a startup achieve its goals. React Native for Startups makes it possible for a racy platform, top-notch apps, a vibrant community, and much more.

Benefits of choosing React Native for startups

Top-notch user experience

One of the factors determining the success and function of any digital product is the user experience. Due to their excellent responsiveness and aesthetic appeal, React Native apps for companies can be a blessing.


React Native has been a very reliable framework since its introduction. It is supported by a sizable community that enables React Native developers to quickly resolve novel and unusual problems. Fortunately, there is no risk as React Native develops swiftly.

Extensive availability of developers

The framework React Native is well-liked and reliable. Its user-friendliness has mostly drawn developers. Therefore, there are many offshoring and outsourcing companies out there where you can quickly hire React Native engineers.

Faster Time to market

More rapid time to market time is money for all organisations, not just startups. A mobile app cannot possibly succeed if it takes too long to reach the market and its potential users. Thankfully, React Native cuts the development time in half.

Technical Benefits of choosing React Native for Startups

Incredibly adaptable to backend technologies

React Native works extremely well with back-end frameworks like Python or Ruby on Rails, unlike other frameworks.

Style Declarative

React Native focuses more on what you want than on how you want it to be done. The imperative style is used when you have to explain to someone how you want something, but the declarative style is more appropriate when you simply state your desires.

Dynamic Evolvement

React Native has only gotten bigger since it was introduced in 2015, both in terms of development and community. Therefore, we can promise you that when companies choose React Native for mobile apps, they are selecting a platform that is future-proof and that React Native engineers are readily available.

Reusable Components

When you must repeatedly write the same code, it is a time-consuming task. One can reuse already-built items with React Native. Different operating systems are compatible with it.

Libraries and ready-made solutions

React Native contains a lot of which was before tools and libraries, which makes it possible to develop quickly. In addition to facilitating rapid development, React Native tools and libraries assist you in achieving the desired appearance. For instance, you can use Nativebase if you want the appearance and feel of Native.

What signs should you look for before choosing React Native?

React Native has several advantages, as we have already shown. However, we have some well-researched material to help you understand why you need React Native.

The best performance is just what you want.
Security is paramount and you cannot compromise on it.
Incorporate lots of graphics into your app. For example, complex interactions, personalised animations, screen transitions, etc. are all possible with React Native.

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