Top 10 Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

There is no doubt that Android is the most demanding mobile OS, with 85 percent of the market share and over 3.04 million apps in the Google Play Store, ranging from everyday resources like calendars, web browsers, social media apps, or complex games to enterprise mobile apps. Organizations have recently transitioned to the digital era, as we all know. It encourages people to use their smartphones more. Developing Android app development tools benefits businesses in a variety of ways. Mobile apps have risen in popularity as a result of changing business sector trends in online shopping and organized client experiences. The Android operating system receives all of the focus when it comes to developing a mobile app. Android apps are easy to use and will continue to lead the smartphone industry in the coming years. The Android app development solution is changing to keep up with the latest developments and innovations as the popularity and distribution of goods and services grows.

5G Technology

5G technology has a speed of 100 Gbps, which is higher than 4G networks. According to reports, 5G technology will become the industry norm for data transfer by using modern radio frequencies which will cover approximately 1.4 billion devices over the next five years. 5G is intended to support diverse technologies such as 4K video streaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality. By using 5G to design and build outstanding features, mobile developers will be able to create excellent mobile applications that will improve the success of businesses in various of niches.

Blockchain Technology

Using strong security protocols, Blockchain technology offers decentralized software development solutions that increase transparency and eradicate unauthorized access and intermediates. This is an perfect Android app development choice, particularly for financial services such as banks and currency exchanges. According to a PWC report, 84 percent of global businesses are currently using Blockchain technology.

  • It reduces data loss.
  • If there is a network outage, data is deployed for better results.
  • For data encryption, blockchain android apps are more stable and safer.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) are two aspects of enterprise mobile app growth that seek to improve the speed of a mobile app. It has evolved into a quality assurance tester for mobile apps, due to the availability of mobile app creation. It not only helps with app security and safety, but it also allows for efficient data exchange between employees via mobile devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, storing information such as emails, meetings, contacts, and more. Smartphones have been the central hub for smart devices such as sports bands, smartwatches, smart TVs, and other wearables since the launch of apps. The rise of IoT in mobile app creation has resulted in an increase in smart home technology. The devices connected via IoT can then be controlled via mobile apps, such as regulating the temperature of your refrigerator or thermostat, or even locking and unlocking doors!


Android smartphone apps have gained traction in the aftermath of Google’s announcement of ARCore and ARKit. No one industry can afford to keep a strategic distance from AR and VR applications. VR and AR applications are in high demand across a variety of sectors, including travel, education, healthcare, and retail. Businesses in these industries are now creating mobile apps that incorporate such cutting-edge technology, resulting in a better user experience and increased revenue.

Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are not really new to Android app growth, but they’re still gaining popularity. Android Instant apps enable users to try out games and apps without having to install them on their smartphone. They prevent users from downloading the app and allow them to access the internet quickly and directly without having to install it. These apps clear out the unwanted apps from your account. Google recently released many new features for Android app developers to make it easier to create smaller, faster-downloading apps that enable potential users to test out new apps without having to install them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is now being used in a variety of industries, and it is said to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are now used by computers and machines to perform tasks previously performed by humans. The use of AI for mobile app growth will grow in 2021 and beyond, as will the use of app builders. One of the key reasons for mobile app failure is a lack of sufficient user interaction. Developers may use AI to evaluate app behavior and gather information about what users want. Using AI, the developers will be able to learn how users interact with the app and what they are searching for. Developers then use the feedback to make changes to the software.

Chatbots/Google Assistant

In 2021, more developers and company owners will be interested in combining their apps’ services and content with the Google Assistant. The main advantage of using this integration is that you will provide users with faster ways to use the app directly in the Assistant. With App Actions, you can use the Google Assistant to deep-link to specific functions within your mobile app.

Wearable Apps

With the growing popularity of wearable devices such as smartwatches, demand for Wearable App Development Services has skyrocketed. It, like other Android apps, makes use of the Android SDK, but it has a unique design and functionality. Using the services of a Wearable App Development Company such as CDN Solutions Group will provide you with the essential administrations you need. Wearable mobile devices keep smartwatches running and provide access to equipment including GPUs and sensors. Wearable software solutions will function in the same way that online and mobile apps do on mobile computers and desktops. Wearables will take the centre stage by side-lining smartphones.

Cross-Platform Flutter

Flutter is a Google-developed technology that is also the future of Android app growth. This architecture enables native app creation for platforms such as iOS and Android. Because of its combinability and versatility, many developers choose this platform to create mobile apps. Flutter includes the open-source SDL software, which enables developers to create high-quality applications on both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter simplifies the development of user interfaces while also providing some of the most exciting features available. Moreover, with Flutter reduces load times to sub-seconds, you will be able to save time on emulators, hardware, and simulators.

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