How much does it cost to create an app in 2022?

In 2022, developing an app will be… expensive. A complicated app can cost up to $137,000, whereas a regular app can cost between $50,000 and $70,000. This is true for mobile and online applications alike.

Please don’t misunderstand us. This price range can be extremely wide, and there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the cost along the process. They’ll be extremely important, to the point where they could make or break your company.

Some startup founders have started outsourcing their development work, particularly in the early phases, such as the MVP.

This article gives an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the worldwide software development market. You’ll learn how to determine app development costs, what factors affect the price, and how to efficiently manage app development costs to avoid future surprises.


The final cost of an application is determined by a variety of elements, but according to GoodFirm’s detailed survey, we can summarise it in a few phrases as follows.

  • A simple app with minimum viable features that takes 4,5–11 weeks to develop will cost between $25,000 and $59,000.
  • In 7–16 weeks, a complicated app with popular consumer features will cost $36,000 to $85,000.
  • An complex app with cutting-edge features that takes 11 to 16 weeks to develop will cost $59,000 to $137,000.
How much does it cost to make an app by yourself?

You can design an app on your own if you have sufficient technological knowledge and expertise. However, app development is usually not a one-person job. It’s a procedure that necessitates the participation of the entire development team, including designers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers.

Depending on the amount and complexity of features, their combined efforts can convert your concept into a full-fledged software in 3-6 months.


NATIVE APP DEVELOPMENT: The word refers to apps that are only designed for one platform. Native apps are made with platform-specific tools and programming languages. It might be a native Android app written in Kotlin or an iOS app written in Swift and Objective-C.

Although native apps take a long time to develop, they are user-friendly and provide a high-performance user experience. The platform UX includes all graphics and fundamental functionalities. Because native app development is so expensive, entrepreneurs frequently opt for other methods.

HYBRID APP DEVELOPMENT: Building a single code bar for two platforms is suggested in hybrid app development. It is possible to establish communication between the platform and the web view using particular techniques, making hybrid apps feel natural.

The development is built on web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The code is wrapped in a native app utilising cross-platform frameworks like React Native when it is built. Despite the fact that hybrid apps are built using web technologies, they have the same feel as native apps and give the same user experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Worldwide?

We’ve discussed how essential it is to have an app right now, as well as how it can be one of the most valuable aspects of your company’s overall development, but how much does an app cost globally in 2022?

Let’s not try to rationalize it: budgeting for an app is a time-consuming process that necessitates a great deal of patience. However, your ability to do so effectively will determine the success of your company.

A ‘normal’ app can be built for $50k to $70k and take 4.5 weeks to complete. A more “complex” app, on the other hand, could cost up to $137k and take up to 26 weeks to develop.

Unfortunately, this data is not especially helpful. While it provides a general estimate of app development costs, there are numerous variables at play. As a result, your app’s price could be nowhere near either of these values. So, what should we think about while putting together our initial app development budget? As you may think, there are quite a few items. Before you begin, we urge that you investigate the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • The location of your team and your customers
  • Number of pages
  • Mobile, web or both?
  • Complexity
  • UX & UI

Knowing how much it costs to design an app is impossible without first determining which features you will provide to your users. These are the most important cost drivers, as some of them can take months to implement.

The average cost of developing an app varies depending on the quantity and complexity of features you wish to include. Push notifications, for example, can consume up half of your app budget and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to execute.

Let’s look at the question, “How much does it cost to design an app?” depending on the features you intend to integrate

>User engagement : SMS, social media sharing, push notifications, email, and other features of this type comprise everything that helps you engage with consumers. Some features can be implemented using APIs, while others must be built from the ground up.

Implementing such functionality could take anywhere from 25 to 145 hours, depending on your needs.

>Hardware features: Although they make use of device hardware, these features are often known as native device features. The latest smartphones contain numerous built-in features, such as internet access, NFC, Bluetooth, and so on.

Such features can take a long time to develop, ranging from 30 to 100 hours of app development time.

>User login: For the great majority of current apps, this is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect. It could take 10 to 70 hours to build them, depending on their logic and complexity, such as the ability to remember a password.

>Geolocation: This type of feature is common in apps, such as food delivery apps, maps, and so on. They can be implemented using GPS and iBeacons, and development time will range from 10 to 150 hours.

Popular applications and their average costs

A few popular mobile applications that are changing the way people interact with technology. The companies that are leading the app industry are listed below. The average cost of developing such apps has also been mentioned.


It’s a real-time messaging programme that allows users to send and receive messages in real time over the internet or Wi-Fi. Users can also make short video/audio conversations, snap and submit images, and update their status. The development of a messaging programme like WhatsApp would cost between $40,000 and $50,000.


Netflix is the most widely used media streaming service on the planet. It enables consumers to watch TV and movies at their leisure. Designing an app like Netflix might cost anywhere from $25,000 to $140,000.


With over 300 million daily active users, Snapchat has been a game-changer in the world of social media apps. This popular messaging software has been a pioneer in offering augmented reality to its users through filters and interactive lenses. You may also use the app to send multimedia messages that will “self-destruct” in up to 10 seconds. Building a Snapchat-style app can cost anything between $45,000 and $60,000.


Uber is a well-known ride-sharing service that connects drivers and passengers all around the world. Customers can request a car now or at a later time via the app. These inquiries are received by adjacent drivers. An app like Uber can cost anything between $25,000 and $150,000 to design.

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