7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

A smart phone, indeed! A cell phone! Other than making phone calls or sending text messages, the main functionality is to run a large host of applications that serve almost every possible purpose you can think of. Companies from all over the world, which sell an unimaginable variety of goods, have started to move from the physical marketing tactics of leaflet distribution, To the mobile genre, printing advertising, and hanging billboards.

Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most influential media that brings the company to the next level with the introduction of fresh marketing trends and sales strategies. In addition to major players such as banks or department stores, mobile apps are intended for small and emerging businesses such as a hotel or a coffee shop. Many small companies and start-ups do not know how much economic opportunity in this marketing medium lies. Many small entrepreneurs connect themselves these days with the bigger brand names’ mobile applications and can be reached via their mobile app.

New and Existing Customer Visibility

You will be available 24*7 to your customers and will be able to communicate at any time of the day with each other. ThinkStraight will ensure that you will always realise that you are approaching your client with the same face and bringing more value to your relationship with them through a powerful mobile presence. If a large number of your current customers download and use your app, there is also the opportunity to attract a new audience who for the very first time will experience your brand.

Sales growth

This is a new channel in which you can raise the profits of the company. Depending about how big the audience is, it can be quite an important boost. You will inspire clients to buy from you with deals, discounts and bonus push notifications. You can contact all the users who have installed software directly. The ability to make mobile payments, the popularity of which is growing exponentially, is another benefit of an app. People do not want to waste time shopping anymore, because when getting a coffee at home, the same items can be purchased with a smartphone.

Marketing and communication channels

Through different marketing strategies, mobile apps can be effectively used to draw attention to the brand. In this way, you extend the potential consumer base and build trustworthy relationships with them.

Customer loyalty growth

The company is given a powerful tool to improve loyalty by allowing consumers to book a table, order food or pay for their order using the software on their mobile. Integrate loyalty services into the mobile app and share with consumers valuable coupons, discounts, or incentives. By submitting push alerts about fresh deals and offers, you can take full advantage of the personalization tools. You will provide access to exclusive deals and exclusive bonuses to users who have activated the app.

A source of valuable analytics

You can gather a lot of valuable data for further research with the use of a mobile app. You will discover, for example, which items your clients purchase the most. In addition to how much time they spend on the app, You can understand how you can optimise it and provide them with a better user experience by monitoring the way users communicate with your app. The secret to success in every market niche is knowing your clients.

Competitive advantage

Not all businesses take full advantage of their own sites’ capacity, let alone their mobile apps. Some businesses do not even have them, because they think them unnecessary for some reason! Competition is still low in this region, and this should certainly be taken advantage of. You will comfortably improve your role for the future if you manage to be among the first to start using mobile apps as a marketing and sales tool. It is important to take as many chances as you can to educate about the brand in today’s highly competitive environment and increase its popularity.

Scheduling & Reminding

Use a mobile app to enable customers to make appointments or sign up for classes via their cell phone or tablet if you are a service provider, such as a salon or an exercise studio. To confirm appointments or lessons, and to send reminders, use text or SMS messaging.

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