Node.js – Everything You Need to Know

Node.js is a single-threaded runtime environment for writing server-side applications using JavaScript, and may be one of the best solutions when aiming to build full-stack applications.

In this post, we will address the most common questions about Node.js that you may have when trying to decide whether or not to implement Node.js into your app.

Is Node.js a programming language?

Node.js is not a programming language. It is a gateway to building full-stack applications purely in JavaScript.

Based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine, which converts JavaScript code into low-level machine code, Node.js is fast and lightweight.

When to use Node.js?

The rule of thumb with Node.js is to use it for building real-time applications that generate a large number of I/O operations which in practice mean applications expecting a huge traffic load.

Is Node good for prototyping and MVPs?

The Answer is yes only when you have developers who have experience in developing Node.js applications.

Can Node.js be used to build AI and machine learning algorithms?

While Node.js has libraries and tools for incorporating AI-based elements into apps, TensorFlow.js for machine learning being one example, it’s not exactly the best use case for this particular technology. Python and Ruby would be a much better choice for AI and machine learning scripting.

In this article, we have only covered the most basic questions about Node.js. If you feel you’d like to know more about Node.js, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to explain how Node.js can help your business and whether it’s the right choice for your application.

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